Tronik Web Productions


Tronik produce, manage, and consult on websites and apps in the online retail sector.

We offer bespoke ecommerce systems and components, as well as custom Shopify solutions. Tronik is a Shopify partner.

Founded in 2010, Tronik is a collective of professional freelance web designers, developers and photographers with over 20 years of experience in producing and marketing ecommerce websites. We have offices in Leeds, United Kingdom and Gijón, Spain.

Because all of us are independent units, our overheads are much lower than an old fashioned web agency. That means you will get more bang for your buck. On the other hand, we are slightly more organized than your average freelancer, so you are getting the best of both worlds.


Matt Ross

I'm the founder and owner of Tronik.

I wear many hats, but usually my time is split between project management, consultancy, and programming.

Yan Duffield

Interactive designer, with 13 years of work experience. I enjoy working on challenging projects that provide practical solutions for real life problems.

Richard Garside

Freelance software/web developer and independent game maker

Yeray Menéndez

Multidisciplinary photographer, wide experienced in sports, as well as advertising and industrial photography.

Official Photographer of the new B Dream Triathlon ProMaster Circuit and TEDx Gijón event.

Macsen Dickinson

Senior Software Developer.

I am a hard-working and passionate .Net developer, dedicated to producing software of an extremely high standard.


Tronik Ltd

Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre

Bennett Road

Leeds, LS6 3HN, UK

0113 815 1789



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